Keep All Canadians Busy. Buy 1918 Victory Bonds 
Unknown Artist, 1918


Canada entered WWI in the autumn of 1914 as part of the British Empire.  The young country would not gain full control over its foreign affairs until 1931.  Although Canadians fought in the Great War as part of the British Army, Canada’s Prime Minister, Sir Robert Borden, insisted that Canadian soldiers be part of a separate and distinct corps, with uniforms bearing a Maple Leaf as a symbol of Canada.  Like the Maple Leaf, the beaver had long been a symbol of the country going back to the earliest days of the fur trade in the seventeenth century.  It was featured on commercial insignia, stamps, coins, and other regalia of New Scotland, New France, British North America, and, after 1867, the Dominion of Canada.  Where American posters of the time often featured an eagle, this 1918 call to purchase Victory Bonds was intended to rally Canadians around a symbol of their own.