Joan of Arc Saved France: Women of Britain: Save your country
Bert Thomas, 1918



Bert Thomas was a British engraver and magazine cartoonist before the First World War began. In 1914, he drew his first piece that was used on a poster to raise funds to send tobacco to the troops at the front. This 1918 Thomas poster summons the spirit of Joan of Arc, the mystical country girl known as the ‘Maid of Orleans’, who had rallied French knights against invading English forces during the Hundred Years War in the early 1400s. The poster uses gender as a rallying cry with women being given the specific challenge of using their money to help achieve victory by purchasing War Savings Certificates.  Ironically, the US Government was using exactly the same slogan for the same purpose on its own ‘Joan of Arc’ poster in 1918, but with its ‘Joan’ designed by US artist Haskell Coffin.