Canadiens-Français Enrolez-Vous!
Hider, Arthur H., 1914


While most French Canadians, especially in the Province of Quebec, were of French descent, and spoke only French, they had little direct connection with that nation. Canada had been part of the British Empire since 1763.  The French Revolution (1789) and its aftermath had shocked the conservative and devoutly Catholic French Canadian population.  There had not been significant ties between France and French Canadians for over a century and a half in 1914, and many in Quebec viewed the Great War as a British Imperial matter. This recruitment poster summons the names of French military heroes from the colonial period in an attempt to make French Canadians see a common cause Anglo-Canadians in a fight for civilization against Prussian (German) aggression. In October 1914 the Canadian Government created the Royal 22nd Regiment (known as the Van Doos), which was French-speaking only. It would become one of Canada’s most famous fighting units.