Pour La France Versez Votre Or. L’Or Combat Pour La Victoire
Translation: "Deposit Your Gold for France. Gold Fights For Victory"
Abel Faivre, Paris, 1915 


Abel Faivre produced some of World War I’s most enduring imagery. He and other top artists channeled their unique abilities to deliver powerful messages to the home front. Their lasting designs rallied support for the war and helped communicate important issues on behalf of the government.

This early war poster depicts an oversized French gold coin crushing an unsuspecting German soldier. As Europe sank deeper into war, the Allied Powers relied heavily upon the United States and other nations for supplies. France required gold to finance such trade and appealed to its citizens for support.

The twenty franc gold coin shown features the Gallic Rooster, a centuries-old French symbol of courage. The coin was minted between 1898 and 1915 by the Third French Republic, the government established after the country suffered a humiliating defeat by the Germans in the Franco-Prussian War (1871). This loss would fuel anti-German sentiment and serve as a prelude to the events of 1914.