Souscrivez! et nous aurons la Victoire. Emprunt National 1918
Translation: Subscribe: and we will be Victorious. National Loan 1918
Simay, Paris, 1918


The stalemate of trench warfare led to innovation as each nation sought military superiority. Advancements made throughout the war including poison gas, flamethrowers, and tanks allowed armies to more effectively attack enemy trenches.

This National Loan poster shows a British tank emerging from a trench and crashing through barbed wire. With heavy armor and tracks rather than wheels, tanks offered armies mobility across fortified enemy lines. These intimidating machines allowed leaders to plan more aggressive offensive strategies.

On September 15th, 1916, the first tanks rolled into action at the Battle of Flers. Of the forty-nine British Mark I units deployed, only nine reached their target. Despite limited success, the tank represented progress and potential. For the public and soldiers alike, its image became synonymous with hope.