L’Emprunt de la Libération
Translation: The Liberation Loan
Abel Faivre, Paris, 1918

In November 1917, political unrest in Russia led to revolution and withdrawal from the unpopular war. With the Russian army’s withdrawal and American forces not yet fully trained, German forces outnumbered those of the allies for the first time.

On March 21, 1918, the German army launched an offensive intended to end the war. Using massive artillery attacks and specially trained soldiers, Germany advanced to within sixty miles of Paris. Despite gaining ground, Germany’s rapid advance left its soldiers exhausted and its supply lines stretched thin. Unable to break the Allied defenses, the offensive failed.

Germany’s aggression hurried the arrival of American forces. By April, more than 250,000 American troops poured onto the western front. Here, artist Abel Faivre depicts Allied flags bearing down on a weakened Kaiser Wilhelm II. His design captures this critical turning point and the optimism it carried for revitalized Allied forces.