Temple of Music Service Building Lafayette High School
Hotel Touraine (Gothic High Rise) Mayer & Weill Building Providence Retreat

Temple of Music (1899-1900) Pan-American Exposition grounds

Perhaps Esenwein & Johnson's most famous building, this was the location of President McKinley's assassination. (A boulder on Fordham drive marks the site.) The building served as an elegant venue for concerts and other events, and was designed in the Spanishy Renaissance style of the fair. Built of temporary materials, it was demolished at the close of the Exposition.

Service Building (1899 - 1900) Pan-American Exposition grounds. Architectural Rendering.
Nolan S. Hewlett. Watercolor. 1899.

Lafayette High School (1900-1903) 370 Lafayette Avenue, corner of Baynes Street.

Here the Renaissance style is adapted to house a temple of learning. The school exemplifies the use of past forms for modern needs. This was the third high school building in Buffalo. Long a West Side landmark, it continues to serve its original purpose. The copper cupolas that dot the roof originally housed ventilation fans. Esenwein & Johnson designed the rear addition in 1919-1920.


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