Harlow Curtiss House Louis Kurtzman Residence House for Charles Mosier
Charles Mosier Residence Edward H. Webster Residence Myron G. Famer Residence

The International Institute currently occupies this elegant Colonial Revival residence.
In 1905, Harlow C. Curtiss moved from this house to a new one at 100 Lincoln Parkway
(the 2005 Junior League Show House), also designed by Esenwein & Johnson.

The Kurtzman house was designed in the Spanish Colonial, or Mission, style. It is evocative
of the Pan-American Exposition, which once stood a short distance away.

House for Charles Mosier (1910-1911). 398 Linwood Avenue (Scroll left and right)

Contractor Mosier built this house on speculation. John H. Lascelles was the first occupant.
Like the Webster residence, this house defies easy stylistic characterization.

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