Hotel Statler - later Hotel Buffalo (1905-1908) cont'd
279 Washington Street, southeast corner of Swan Street

"[The main dining room featured] the most fantastic and grotesque decorative work. The walls and pillars [are] beautifully decorated and thousands of hidden and subdued lights under colored glass shed light into the rooms. [The walls are covered] with a deep border of grape-vine terra cotta [and] frescoes in impressionist poster design style, cleverly executed."

As reported in the Buffalo press



The Palm Room (Arbor Room)

"The effect of this room [is] that of an arbor with vines growing on the walls and supporting the balconies...artificial vines twining the pillars, spreading over the ceiling and climbing the dome supports...When the lights are turned on the effect is stunning,...clusters of electric lights, bursting from flower-effect terra cotta, the lights being draped in artificial grapes and leaves. [Water played from a faience terra cotta fountain] in design of dolphins, water lilies and cat-tails, the pool lit by electric lights submerged in the water."

As noted in Buffalo newspapers, January 1908.

Interior murals.

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