Beginning in 1910, Esenwein & Johnson designed a series of buildings sheated in monochromatic glazed white terra cotta with stylized classical ornamentation. Glazed terra cotta was considered an exemplary material for buildings, since it was more easily cleaned than other materials, an important consideration in America's coal-fired cities. This series of buildings culminated with the General Electric Building, a towering icon on this city's skyline.

The cornice features over-scale, stylized classical details.

Masten Park High School (1912-1913) Masten, North & Best Streets.

The high school's tower was removed in 1917. The building now serves as
City Honors High School.

Root Building (1912) 70-86 W. Chippewa Street.

The Root Building has recently been renovated and now houses Emerson Commons, the
restaurant of the Emerson School of Hospitality.

Buffalo General Electric Building (1911- 1912) 535 Washington Street.

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