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Wheels of Power Virtual Exhibit

Part I: Generating Electricty

Part II: Conservation
A Cycle of Land Use

Part III: Cycling Electricity to Buffalo

Educational Materials

Supplemental Materials:Learning Standards & Exercises (Word)
Power in Perspective Handout
Growth in Television Ownership
Westinghouse Power Distribution Diagram 1901
Power Points Timeline

Prominent Men Photos & Descriptions

Edward Dean Adams
Horace Day
Thomas Edison
Thomas Evershed
Charles B. Gaskill
Augustus Porter
Jacob Schoellkopf
Nikola Tesla


Niagara Region 1921
Hydraulic Canal 1846
Niagara Falls Village 1836
Historic Niagara 1891
Birdseye View
Great Gorge Route Birdseye c. 1900

Power Plants

High Banks & Hydraulic Canal
Tunnels and Canals
Edward Dean Adams Plant
Transmission Lines
Schoellkopf Power Plant
Canadian Power Plants
Robert Moses Power Project


Wheels of Power Credits: Melissa Brown, Collections; Behroo Khodadad, Exhibits;
Susan Eck, Web; Marie Hewitt; Richard Szczepaniec.